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Wednesday 16th August

Kendog and I headed out to Cabbage Tree Point about 6.30 and got there by 7. Hired a stink boat for a preety good price. Went out and first up... HIT A SAND BANK... well it was more of a weed/mud bank. We pushed it through the mud that we sank in up to our knees. Once we did that... we went to out infamous yabbie bank and pumped some fresh yabbies. Once we had enough we then started looking for a good position. We found what looked like a awesome place. We set anchor and started to fish. 10 minutes later BANG! I have hooked onto what seems like a decent fish. pulled it up... small Bream 20cm. Threw the lil fella back and threw my line out for another try. 10 minutes after that.... BANG! i have another one on my other rod. pulled it in again and same sized fish. not to bad for 30 minutes out on the water. and while im trying to unhook the fish... my other rod goes off... this times its a bigger one... and yes it is indeed. a 24cm bream. so within 45 minutes of leaving the boat ramp we have had 2 throw back and a keeper.

once we were sorted after all that action... my rod goes off again. another 24cm Bream. 15 minutes later Kendogs rod goes off... a nice 28 cm bream. the fishing started to slow down now... but before we left BANG!... another one... now this is starting to become a good day fishing. a 30 cm Bream... thre her in the bucket. ok its now 9:00 am. 2thorw backs... and 4 keepers... nice work...

We went for a cruise and tried to find some more fish... picked up 2 tiny bream... thorugh them back... cruised around some more... ntohing...

went back for some more yabbies... we only had a few left... got some more and headed back to out first spot. by this time the wind and chop had picked up and the current was going hardcore.

waited aorund for a couple of hours... 1 stingray... 2 catfish and another bream... 26cm. kept the bream threw the rest back.

slowly headed back to the ramp... getting a bit bored... and a bit more windy.

End of the day... 5 keeper Bream and a throwbacks. 12 fish all together.

and Kendog and i always have a competition between our selfs and he always wins... but this time... I WHOOPED YOU KENDOG! 4 to 1...
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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