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NZ sea kayak company operating in the Bay of Islands, and the Na Pali coast Hawaii. (If only I had the money :( ). (no affilition)

One day....

http://www.nzkayaktours.com/index.php?o ... e&Itemid=1

Here's a December trip, and a bit more about it and their team:

New Zealand Waves, Caves & Gourmet
Rock Hopping Adventure with a New Zealand Original

1-20 December, 2013

The semi-tropical outer coast of Northland, New Zealand is a sea
kayakers rock hop fantasy come true. Secret passages, spires, immense
caves, islands, history, and wildlife. Mark Hutson, now a proud
Tsunami Ranger Lieutenant, started the sea kayaking scene in
Northland, and guides the longest-running owner-operated tour company
in New Zealand, New Zealand Sea Kayak Adventures, 28 years strong.

He is as much a part of this place as the pohutukawa trees are--old-
growth NZ sea kayaking culture, back to its very sprouting. He glides
up to a beach with stories of its owners, former owners, and the Maori
names. Within minutes, he turns the beach into his precisely organized
kitchen spread, feeds his troops and regales them with tales of
roguery and misadventure.

Ten days of camping on the islands and outer coast of Northland, New
Zealand with Mark Hutson and internationally respected BCU coach Ginni
Callahan promise unparalleled coastal exploration, optional coaching,
and a BCU 3-star sea assessment opportunity. This is a unique and
special event.
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