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Working soft plastics for pinkies

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Just interested in using soft plastics for pinkies or snapper! Which types do people rate? and what methods seem to be reliable in shallower water (2m-10m) I've really come from the school of hard body users, and need to learn more about these SPs. Mick.
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scotty beefs said:
Never fished for snapper let alone caught one on SPs but my mate that fishes Scarborough for them regularly with success swears by (so much so its all he uses) the Saltwater Assassin Minnows in Electric Chicken colour (half flouro pink and sparkly and half flouro green. Not sure if its the same as the Nuclear Chicken but they seem to like the brighter colours from his reports.
That sounds a lot like the Snapback 4" Electric Chicken pictured below. I used them the other night off Scarborough and caught 2 squire and a sweetlip with them. I started using them after hearing on Ausfish about a guy that was getting good snapper and squire with them at the same location. They are very good, and tough to boot.( very elastic )



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1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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