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Wivenhoe Dam Sunday 30th July

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I was heading to Wivenhoe Dam on Sunday the 30th July for another reccie paddle before the camping weekend to suss out a few more hot spots. If any body is interested in joining me, I will be at the Logan Inlet boat ramp at approx 1pm. I have a few more hb lures I want to try out on the monster bass. It would be great to have some company on Sunday, so hopefully see you on Sunday.
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Waiting on the outcome of a warranty claim on my sounder, and if its sorted out by the weekend I may see you.

Will PM Saturday night and confirm one way or the other
I will wait for your answer Dodge, looks like great weather this weekend.
I will hit still the water if you decide not to come (because of sounder issues), I am so looking forward to fishing this dam again.
If I get the racks sorted by then I might join you, looking forward to a fish out there.

Good luck guys, I'll be slumming it somewhere around Cardwell or maybe out around hinchinbrook island, geez, I so wish I could join you guys :(
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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