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Windy Wallaroo 6th, 7th & 8th Oct

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With the weather fine but the wind playing havoc, us fellas in South Australia finally caught up for the first AKFF fishing trip. Attendees included, Duncan, Scupper, Fisher, Mattdogger, water_baby and myself.

Everyone arrived here in Wallaroo on Friday PM. For those who got here early, we did a small trip in the marina as the the bay was fairly windy. We trolled around for a while hoping to pick up a bream or some of the suprise fish that are sometimes caught there. These include Mulloway, snook, snapper and the occasional kingfish. Unfortunately we did not pick up anything worth taking home.

Saturday morning we were up bright and early to hit Bird Island. This spot would afford us some protection from the wind and give us access to some open water. The tides for the full moon were our downfall as the low was very low restricting our exit from the area. Anyway we fished some interesting ground that included reef, deeper sections, and sand flats and weed beds. The swell was a bit of a mess insuring that most of us got a little wet. No major fish to speak of. I will let the others tell of there catches etc. I for one did not catch a thing, other than loosing the tails to some squidgies. Early PM we started to head out and found our exit reasonably high and dry. Note to self, only fish the high. We may have been OK had we exited the other side of the Island. It did however show some promise as the ground looked fairly good.

Because of the mornings paddle and the heat, everyone was little buggered. We got back about 3pm. The wind started to die down, against the BOM forecast. We had some lunch and ummed and arrred, but decided to LBF the afternoon. Sadly the spot I had picked for the evening was magnificent. So rarely do you get a day as calm as that, and we missed it. But that was OK, a couple of the boys did very well on some very nice snook.

Once cleaned up, back to my place for a BBQ. After a few beers and some assorted meat products and by products, and a few stories, we all went to bed tired.

Sunday saw very windy conditions, so much so that the only option was Price, which is an estuary system that would afford us some protection. For this one we had fisher, water_baby, Scupper and myself. The paddle in was great. 30 knots at our backs and no effort at all. We fished the system for a while. I picked up a small bream on unweighted cockle, and 2 mullet on a 6 inch gulp worm in natural. Again the tide was going out and again it was a low one. So a little walk was in order. That was the easy bit. The paddle home in 30 was another story. Oh the joy. But back to ramp, we cleaned up and parted ways.

I would firstly like to say thankyou for the effort you guys made to get up here. The fishing was not great but the company was fantastic. I hope that some or all of us can do the same thing again before I head over to Perth down your neck of the woods. As you know you are always welcome up here. (Tashy the dog loved the extra attention).


Hopefully some photos to follow.
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well i have to agree with everything already said. thanks again to adrian (yakabe) and his missus Yoko for their hospitality :D

i managed a few firsts and bests over the weekend:

1- first fish on a trolled HB. 150mm flathead on 90mm yo-zuri mag minnow 3m+. greedy little things, arent they?!

2- first fish on SPs. King george whiting on gulp camo sandworms. only 25-28cm, but still a good fight. i always thought they were a load of crap, but bugger me if they didnt turn it on for me!! im converted...

3- PB snook. 75cm long, on pillie under a float off the rocks. not on the yak, but good nonetheless!

4- longest paddle session. 10km on saturday through mild chop and wind. ended up doing about 20 km for the 3 days paddles.

thanks also to mattdogger for letting me sleep in the tray of his ute (i forgot my tent :oops: ) and for the food cooking.

hopefully catch up soon. top bunch of blokes :D
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