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Wilsons prom 3-day trip (Feb) expressions of interest

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Some time in feb, I'll be heading to Wilsons prom for a 3-day kayak fishing adventure. The plan is to launch from Norman bay and then paddle to Refuge Cove and pitch camp. Spend the second day just leisurly exploring the area in the yaks (from refuge to sealers) and not so leisurly catching fish. And then head back to Norman bay on the last day.

I'm pretty sure my mate Steve will come along and I'm wondering if anyone else here might be interested. It'll definitely be one for those who either have capable yaks, good fitness or both. But it'll be fun, nothing surer. There's some damned good fishing at the prom... I can only imagine how good it'd be from a yak.

Anyone intersted?
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I'd love to but won't be around for this one - which might be a good thing, the FnD would be plenty seaworthy enough, but paddling 70km in it....... :roll:
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