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Hi everyone
Im Rik ive just join this Forum and im looking at getting a yak soon for by birthday on the 17th of August.
Im a young famaily man, Im a stay at home dad as people call it....The wife loves her work and make 5 times the amount i can and we wanted one of us home with the baby for his first two year rather then day care.
The yak ive been looking at are the Feel free Nomad, Viking Tempo, hobie mirager sport fisherman and now afer talking to Canoedle the Viking Espri.
Im 5f 10", around 180lb and climbing
I want to target Jacks, jews,flattie, bream etc
Mainly fish the Maroochy River and go maybe a little out in the sea :?
But im looking to put a sounder, maybe a small live bait tank but that depends on the kayak.
Any input would be a great help

Ps how easy is it to roll one of these things?

Thanks Rik

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Rik, a decent sit on top kayak like what the vast majority of us use are practically impossible to tip under normal conditions. I have tried to find my Prowler 15 limitations by taking it out in weather you wouldn't take a powerboat. I have never even looked like tipping it due to adverse weather, paddling sideways to big swells, sitting side saddle ect. If I am careful I can stand on it to get my lures off wharves, boat railings and trees ect. This is not an indication of the Prowler really just an indication of how good the secondary stability is on a modern sit on top fishing kayak.

I would include on your list to test paddle the following; Prowler 15, Prowler 13, Prowler Elite, Perception Swing, Viking Predator and if you are not looking to buy within the next month or so the kingfisher when they are released as they appear to be excellent value for money. Try not to put too much emphasis on primary stability when you are test paddling. People who buy a stable barge soon move them on to buy a faster yak with less primary and sufficient secondary stability.

I recommend test paddling as many as you can while simulating your fishing conditions as much as you can. While you might not think you will do much offshore yak fishing yet, believe me, most people don't plan too originally but are soon hooked on it. For this reason one of the longer faster yaks like I have listed above may be a good idea for you. The Viking Espris are a very popular yak on this forum as while they don't offer the open or rough water performance of the larger yaks, for their length they are brilliant performers and excellent value for money.

Catch ya Scott

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Hey Rik,
Go the HomeDad!!
Can't go wrong with pedal power. The Mirage Sport is ideal for your size and if you roll it you will probably be the first.
Was looking at the Marrochy River today and thinking I have to get down there soon. Pedalling along trolling a couple of lures whilst flicking a soft plastic at the mangroves would have to produce results. Ocean access from there is good too, and the Hobie's handle the chop no probs.
Welcome aboard pal.

P.S You all remember Rob hooked up to this Marlin on his Mirage Sport


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I have a P13 and it is extremely hard to tip. I would say impossible but there is evidence to suggest this is not the case :oops:
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