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where's the door..what day is it?

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Hey everyone, I'm a new boy as of today..Gold Coast location with an Outback. I'm a friend of "Gunston" and next Saturday us and possibly one more are headin' up Tally Creek.We'll post some pix..Shane
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OH Gunston

:lol: :lol: You have some real probs I think mate, and this forum aint gonna help one tiny little bit :roll: geez I wish I could come on this trip you and I could help each other :p :wink: Have fun boy's and welcome Shane, you know when you saw that sign that read.


You should have turned around mate, no one can help you now.

:roll: Troppo maybe :? mmm maybe not.

:D fishing Russ
:D Ah Dodge I can see what it takes to become a really true, elite member mate.

However I dont think I've got it.

Very smooth mate :lol: very smooth.

:D fishing Russ
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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