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whats the prowler 13 like?

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hey guys,

dont mean to ask heaps of questions, i will quiten down once i get the yak i promise. whats the prowler 13 like?

any info on this boat is appreciated,

also do you know who sell them and how much

i like the look of the square storage area at the back, looks like it would suit an esky or crate well,
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Hiya Fishing Man,

Just putting in my 2 cents worth on the P13 i purchased a couple of months ago. I wanted to upgrade to a slightly longer yak than my Cobra Explorer as I needed a bit more legroom (being taller than average). As such I was assessing the P13 and Perception Swing. Sitting in both in the shop I found the P13 to be a bit more comfortable for me but this is very much an individual thing. I did like the way everything seemed to be within easy reach and the tackle box in the centre channel was perfect.

Have taken it out a few times of Redcliffe in some bumpy water and felt very comfortable and it cut through the chop well. Being over 4m is may be a bit tricky to manage in smaller creeks so you would need to think about where you will be doing most of your fishing.

Managing the kayak out of the water is more difficult than my cobra due mainly to the extra weight. This will be the case with any larger yak but its not really a problem if you have somebody else to help load and unload from the roof rack.

Pricewise I paid $1300 for it from Anaconda at Everton Park. It included a decent paddle courtesy of the manager (Angelo) plus it had all the standard accessories. Mine did not include the rudder kit (which is around $300 extra) but I have not felt the need for one yet. It has been said though that a rudder kit is not really necessary however once you have one it becomes something you cannot do without....sort of like a microwave oven or a mobile phone :)

I hope this helps in your decision but the best thing is always to try them out if possible.

Good luck and catch heaps!!
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fishing man said:
thanks for the tips guys,

what about the stability of the prowler against a swing?, any ideas?

i like the square storage at the back of the prowler looks like it would be ideal for a crate or smaller esky.

and one more thing, did that $1300 price include a seat or backrest

thanks again guys :D :D
The $1300 price tag included a seat. They even gave me an upgraded one. Always remember too that Anaconda have a 10% price guarantee. If you get a better price elsewhere they will beat it by 10%.

It never hurts to ask anybody about a better price.
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