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What to do?

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Finally got enough in the cunning kick to grab a Vicking Esprit and do a basic fit out. Except I got up close and personal with a couple of these Hobie Outbacks while I've been out wading, throwing sp's and they do look the goods. The bulk of my fishing is throwing lures at structure and my one year old son has better balance than me. What do I do, give in to the bug and grab what I can afford now so I'm on the water quicker or keep putting money away so when I test paddle I can get the yak that makes me happiest. It's just that the idea of holding yourself in the current while working over a structure and firing off speculators while on the move really appeals but I was ready to get on the water a couple of months ago and I'm not that patient.
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Tricky one mate.

Gatesy has moved up from a very good yak to something even more classy. You'll be moving up from wading to any yak. For me it was moving up from a dodgey 2 seater fibreglass canoe that rarely got used to a Prowler 13. The canoe was uncontrollable in any sort of wind, the Prowler handles the wind very well and you can even fish in windy conditions. It sounds like the Hobies are easy to fish from in the wind.

I reckon you'll find any decent SOT yak set up for fishing to be magic compared to your wading experiences, I know I have. The Espri is a good looking yak, good bang for your buck there. :wink:

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