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What I carry.

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I thought I'd put up a thread about what I carry in my esky. I know a lot of guys use milk crates, but I've been storing my stuff in an esky as if I do happen to flip my yak, I'm reasonably sure that nothing will fall out.

In the esky I have a 'live bait tank' which is basically a plastic rubbish bin that I picked up from Officeworks - fits nicely and takes up half the space. Attached to this is a small aerator. I carry spare spools of leader, my night light and spare batteries, spare sunnies and a few other bits and pieces in a red padded bag, I carry 2 tackle boxes one for lures and one for baitfishing gear and jigheads. I also carry a soft pack that holds my collection of SP's (approx 12 packets). I carry a few bigger lures in a clear plastic case. The live bait tank gets used only about every 3 or 4 trips as most of my fishing is now sp and lures, but it is a good feature to have just in case I come across a school of pilchards, yakkas or squid and can manage to jig some up.

I also carry knife, pliers and line clip in the esky, but once on the water I attach these to the yak in easy reach (the line clip goes around my neck on a lanyard).

This system works well and the esky has a small bungee loop/hook to stop it flying open. It's also bungeed to the tankwell to prevent it flying out when I'm paddling FAST :shock: :wink:

Anyway, I've attached a few piccies fyi..


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JT - mate, easy as to reach the livies in the tank. It's just a matter of reaching behind with the left arm, flipping the lid of the esky up and reaching into the bait tank to grab a wriggling pilchard, poddy mullet or yakka. Although when I've got a tank full of live yabbies (nippers) they can give you a nasty nip if you're blindly grabbing one!

With my next yak, I'll be simplifying my tackle and will probably start carrying less gear. I'm toying with the idea of wearing a bumbag/fishing vest in which I can carry spare tackle etc - it's probably much easier having everything in a pocket in front of you (although probably not ideal if you take an unexpected swim). This will also mean that I can do away with most of the gear in my esky and only take a couple of small tackleboxes and a few packets of sp's. I dont carry a net/lip grippers etc so dont need to worry about storing them either.

Rik,, this may be a stupid question but if you put the net over your crate, how do you get into it?
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