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Whangaporoa, NZ

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JW and I headed out on the yaks at around 7ish to a couple of spot X's we'd been trying lately. The water was flat as and the sun just starting to poke his head above the horizon.

The water was extremely clear (would have thought about at least 10m) however our first spot was less than 3m deep (nice in close to the rocks so no expensive coalburners would hammer it). KY's (Aussie salmon)were all around the yak's and we were trialing some salmon pallets as berley - a bit like UK course fishing - a new technique we were thinking about and now approve of. A few ky's started to be taken and released. Then JW gets a nice large panny snapper (looked like one of the resident fish). I then flick a piece of mullet out which got taken on the surface by a snapper (going well now). Died off pretty quick. Decided to then move around the other side of the rocks to a bit deaper water (maybe 10m). Laided a big trail of pallets around on the edge of the kelp lines(you can do that on the yak without spooking the fish). I new this spot was going to be the jizz when I looked down to see 2 30cm snapper swimming directly below me as if they had just met and stopped to talk in the street. The snappers started coming on the bite now, a few small ones and then the larger ones started coming on. JW cracked a nucelar chicken (berkley SP) and first cast - in with a just legal snap (27-28cm). A then the larger models started turning up. yeah baby

Combined kept around 8 reasonable fish between us and threw back another 10-15 odd 30cm+. Missed probably about a dozen fish on them feeling the line or the rod in the holder and dropping the bait ( as JW put it amater night at the apollo) but really it was just winter fishing. Good fishing all round for a 3 hour session. JW stayed on after I departed and landed a nice trev on the SP's and a few more snaps.

Here's a sample of the take homes. The larger one by the knife is just under 50cm odd. when they are in shallow they are green when the get to the yak - nothing my prest couldn't sort out.

Also saw a school of Ky's whenI first got there of around 50m's in diametre getting chased by something mmmmm. The same spot I hooked Mr bitey 2 weeks ago.

nice day all around. home by lunch to keep the family happy.


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Nice work with the snapper.
You guys have go it good over there in NZ
Nice work with the snapper.
You guys have go it good over there in NZ
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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