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Not much to report unfortunately. Was going to launch at the rowing club, but turned out to be a regatta on - how inconvenient of them - fancy having a regatta on at the rowing club - I could never have predicted that :D
Ended up going to the canoe club, launching about 7.30am. There were lots of bream about - zillions of small fish and plenty of big fish too. The water was crystal clear and I could see the larger fish digging into the sand to get worms etc, but they were not interested in any of my lures - hb's or sp's. I did find some mussels to use as bait, but the little ones ravaged them before the big ones could get a sniff. Caught maybe a dozen or so fish with only one that might have have gone size. All went dead by 9.30, but that didn't stop me from trying til about 1230. I met a shore based fisho who had been there from 5.30am and he did reasonably well early as well. Saw one bloke in a hobie who mentioned he had caught plenty early on, and had also caught mullies in the system as well - but he took off whilst i was playing a fish before i could glean much info from him.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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