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Wasabi Mash

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This is something different to serve with fresh cooked fillets. Make your mash potato the normal way and then add wasabi from a tube to taste.
Impress your dinner guests. :D
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Wasabi is amazing. While I love curries and chilli and spicy food, wasabi is one thing which has some bite and I don't like. For me to "add to taste" would probably mean very very little got added :roll: . But could be worth a try, just a tiny bit to see. I'll have to check the use by date of the wasabi I have in the fridge as I can't remember which decade I bought it in.
Thanks for the Mash Potato tip Breambo, will be trying that this week.

Have you guys tried Wasabi Cheese?

A Tassie based cheesery called Ashgrove make it and it is available in Woolworths stores nationwide from what they tell me. Damn nice Cheese! :wink:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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