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Hi Folks,

Currently using a Cobra Explorer but find it a touch short in the cockpit for me and looking to upgrade. Pretty keen on a Prowler 13 but also interested in the Viking Tempo Fisherman. The P13 has had plenty of reviews but can't find much on the Tempo. Can anybody provide some opinions/feedback?

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I haven't got one and I haven't paddled one so keep that in mind when weighing up my opinion. I was going to buy one myself but I went with an X-Factor as I was advised that being so high in the water, the Tempo can get really blown around.

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Hi Arcachon,

I've been in a Viking Tempo Fisherman since Christmas last year. My first yak, and the only one I've ever paddled, so take the feedback with a pinch of salt. It's not the fastest yak in the world. I've gone fishing with a mate of mine who converted his sea kayak for fishing and he can run rings around me in his. What I love about the Tempo is it's stability, and it's carrying capacity. I've actually had a small friend of mine fishing out of the rear well! The stability is very confidence inspiring. The friend who runs rings around me, has also capsized a couple of times. I've been out once in serious swell and never felt like it was tipping. Even had a stinkboat come barrelling past me at warp factor 9 and his wake didn't upset the Tempo. There's acres of space for whatever gear you want to bring. It does get a little affected by the wind, but I haven't had it infringe my enjoyment of paddling the big barge around the place. A rudder is not a bad idea by any means.

If you're ever near lane cove in sydney, let me know and you can take her for a run.

See you on the water,

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got a motor on mine still a slow barge but just goes and goes and goes
sorta like the turtle and the hare
stability is rock solid, room great lay out needs some work but ok
Im 6'2 and the footroom is average needs another inch or so
Ive sat in it for 9hrs no problem,is so stable u use it like a lounge chair :shock:


I just bought one, had it for two weeks.

My first yak also.

I will start to outfit it soon.

Yes they are high on the water but by no means did I find it bothered my style. The stabilty is what strikes me, I'm a big guy 110kg and never did I feel I was going to tip out.

I have the rudder option and it helps tracking and I can keep my mind on the paddling and the fishing. The rudder is extremely easy to use and with this option I only have to spend another 500 dollars to go the whole hog and get the leccy motor option(finance officer says no way!!! atm)

The wells front and rear can carry heaps of gear and the hatches will allow storage inside. On the std yak their are 2 large hatches and two small which represents excellent value for money. One of each of each size have a sock attached as well.

The std seat is very supportive as well.

The rod holders at the front are a little hard to use and they would be the only negative thoughts I have atm. As it is a long reach forward to grab them. Also I am 5'10 and if you were much taller than this you would have trouble fiing your legs in to the foot pegs.

I have ditched the standard Quantam paddle and using a different one atm.

I plan to add at sounder, a gps mounting point as I have a gps to attach from my stinkboat, a crate for the rear and a few more rod holders.

I paid all up 1495 for mine with the rudder and paddle and seat plus all the std accessories.

Definately worth a look in my opinion.

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