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Vic to tassie - anyone here done it?

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I've long held fantasies about paddling/peddling from Wilsons Prom to Tasmania. Now that I've spent a bit of time with the Hobie Sport and seen what I'm capable of doing in it (done 2 x 30+km days in a row a couple of times with relative ease), I'm giving serious thought to making a Hobie Adventure my next yak and actually doing it. I've plotted a basic course using google earth and it doesn't appear to be as difficult as I originally thought it might be.

Now I know google earth isn't giving me the real picture, but I also know people have paddled it before. So if it can be paddled, I'm certain it can be peddled/paddled with greater ease. So I'm wondering if anyone here has done it before, and if so, what advice would you have for me?
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A friend of my family actually rowed a scull from Melbourne to Tassie solo without any form of assistance back in the sixties when he was 19. It took him a couple of weeks from memory, and he actually got taken offcourse towards the end of the journey due to some unforseen weather and current changes. When I spoke with him about it, he mentioned that it is actually a relatively easy crossing at certain times of the year if you go with the prevailing winds and current.

My dream ever since I started out with my Scupper, is to make my own strip-built seakayak, and do the Murray Marathon over the Xmas/New year period. I have bought the plans and am hoping to begin construction before the year is out and compete in the 2007/08 marathon.
Dallas, this crossing has actually been done many times before. The man I spoke of had a few years sailing experience (through the private school sector) and planned it for a long time. Its been about 12 years since I spoke to him about his trip but I still think he had rocks for brains! Im with you , Bass Straight is a mean stretch of water and anyone who wants to paddle it is either very brave or very stupid.

Good luck gents if you decide to undertake this trip, your gonads are bigger than mine :wink: .
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