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Vic to tassie - anyone here done it?

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I've long held fantasies about paddling/peddling from Wilsons Prom to Tasmania. Now that I've spent a bit of time with the Hobie Sport and seen what I'm capable of doing in it (done 2 x 30+km days in a row a couple of times with relative ease), I'm giving serious thought to making a Hobie Adventure my next yak and actually doing it. I've plotted a basic course using google earth and it doesn't appear to be as difficult as I originally thought it might be.

Now I know google earth isn't giving me the real picture, but I also know people have paddled it before. So if it can be paddled, I'm certain it can be peddled/paddled with greater ease. So I'm wondering if anyone here has done it before, and if so, what advice would you have for me?
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She'd be a cracking adventure. I'm with Scott though 5th, I reckon you'd need a stinkboat alongside. Not sure how the sea kayakers organise it. Good thread :D
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