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Vic to tassie - anyone here done it?

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I've long held fantasies about paddling/peddling from Wilsons Prom to Tasmania. Now that I've spent a bit of time with the Hobie Sport and seen what I'm capable of doing in it (done 2 x 30+km days in a row a couple of times with relative ease), I'm giving serious thought to making a Hobie Adventure my next yak and actually doing it. I've plotted a basic course using google earth and it doesn't appear to be as difficult as I originally thought it might be.

Now I know google earth isn't giving me the real picture, but I also know people have paddled it before. So if it can be paddled, I'm certain it can be peddled/paddled with greater ease. So I'm wondering if anyone here has done it before, and if so, what advice would you have for me?
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Heya 5th!!!!

I'm in!!! :D :D :D

I bought my mermaid with exactly that purpose in mind a couple of years ago. It is very do-able and has been done before in sea kayaks. here is a link to the story.

I would count on allowing a fortnight for the trip and I believe with several yaks travelling together, logistics should not be such a big problem and would alleviate the need for a back up boat.

just let me know, (with a bit of notice) and I will be certinly up for this one. :D :D
Heya Dallas,

Good points mate, but there is a world of difference betwen a group of experienced sea kayakers properly prepared, in well fitted out and expedition capable kayaks and a young adventurer in a 8 foot row boat. or even some young bloke in a rowing scull. Such an attempt in these two latter boats is nothing short of insanity IMHO.

If the crossing was not difficult to do, there would be no achievement in it.

I'm still up for it 5th, :D Actually, I am as keen as hell to have a crack at this. My boat is ready, 12months training, I'm pretty paddle fit now but no longer a young athlete. (pretty confident I can hold my own though) will start this week. :D

Committment, I am definately in if you will have me.
Heya 5th, Thanks mate.

My Mermaid has storage for in excess of 100KG of gear and properly loaded, is more seaworthy with all that gear than empty. They are designed and built with this type of expedition in mind.

Probably not as quick or as nimble as a Mirage 580 or a Pitarak or a Hobie Adventure for that matter but very rough water capable. A spare Mirage drive is a very good idea as well as spare paddles.

I am determined to do this thing and when the appropriate time and logistic arrangements are sorted, will book leave well in avance. I would be looking at a 5 or a 6 week window to allow for travel, weather and sea variations and possible island layups during bad weather.
1 - 3 of 25 Posts
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