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Well a few of us headed to Lang Lang / Jam Jerrup in Westernport for a gummy hunt Sunday morning a dozen of us from Lang Lang boat ramp and a few more from the beach at Jam Jerrup
with Winter here now the water is cooling off a bit but the gummies are still going off and more Important those long nose bait steelers ( elephant fish ) have moved back out to deeper water

The tide made for a late start ( Gentlemans hours ) with enough water from about 10.30 am to launch
weather forcast was for a bit of wind later in the arvo but for a change fishing over the higher tide ment we could get back in anytime without dragging yaks through the mud if it got out of hand

The above pics looking out on a mint morning with out wind or a ripple on the water from the Lang Lang ramp launch around 10.30 am

A few of us headed straight out and others toward the Bluff, We ( the group that headed straight out )pulled up in the first Channel for a while I picked up a keeper and a couple of small fish
Skip pulled a nice 1.1 meter fish on some old retro gear ( and early Alvey on an old Jarvis Walker solid fibreglass rod )before the wind got up at a guess it was 10 + knots and against tide so the bumps were growing but worse the yaks would not sit on the tide making it hard to fish
plan B move closer to French Island in Palmers Channel although the wind was northerly and not the best for the area it was masked a bit from Palmer point making the fishing more enjoyable
not only that but there was a bit of action there a few hookup and landed fish but as the tide slowed so did the bites

after the turn there was a bit more action before the trip back it seams that almost everyone got a gummy or gummies with only one punter not doing so

Scuttlebutt ( sue ) a fairly new member to both AKFF and Vyak got her first Gummy , not a monster but still a legal size fish so got to take home some fresh caught flake
now sue next time you need a bigger fish !

my tally for sunday was 2 keepers both over a meter and 6 smaller gummies returned and a small school shark also returned
so another good day in the shallow end of the muddy pond once again

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Good hunting and good eating Cheater.
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