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Update on my trip to FNQ

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Hello everyone on AKFF,
In May I asked about good fishing spots for my coming trip in the Gulf country.

The replies I got regarding Crocs frightened the day lights out of me. :shock: So I didn't launch my Hobie Outback in that area but fished off boats and the shore.

Firstly I went to Fairburn Dam-near Emerald--chasing Red Claw and trolling.
Results = for 3 days= 50 Red Claw NO fish and a hell of a lot of pedaling, it is a BIG lake and a LOT of people with boats! I had a good time.

Next Teresa Dam near Claremont--great camping spot--no Red Claw--lost a huge 800mm Barra as I lifted into my Hobbie--didn't have a landing net with me because everyone said the Barra weren't biting. It was beautiful fish and I was sort of pleased he got away--except he took my new lure with him.

Spent 3 weeks in Burketown and caught as many Red Claw in the Gregory River as we could eat (what a great spot) also caught Sooty Grunter--VERY good eating! Fished off the bank--got Bream and King Salmon--biggest Bream was 410 mm. I went out with a pro on his boat for a week catching Barra--UNBELIEVABLE!!

Went to Darwin/and as far as Kununurra/Flew all day around the Kimberley coast BREATHTAKING! :D

Kayaked in Lake Argyle and down stream in the Ord River / Katherine Gorge and the Murray River on the way home--didn't fish there--

Now I am back home after being away for 11 weeks so will have to settle for fishing and Crabbing in Port Stephens b/4 they make it all a marine sanctuary.

I will post a few Pics as soon as I download them.
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