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Try again !!! Cressbrook Dam Weekend 18th & 19th Novembe

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Fixed new date of 18th & 19th November, Cressbrook Dam weekend.

Same story with members having prior commitments. It's so hard to get a date to suit everybody :( . I apologise to any body that can't make the date advertised :( . But with christmas fast approaching which involve family gatherings and work parties it pretty much wipes out December. Also it is BLOODY HOT at Cressbrook in summer, it's like sitting in the oven down between the valleys. It's hard fishing with bass shutting down because of increased water temps. Water levels are now below 20% and still dropping.

The dates advertised should be ample time for members to work dates out and start planning for the weekend.

Worst case scenario would be to cancel the weekend until next year which would not be fair to other participants.

Hopefully the new dates gets a much better response all round.

Many thanks for everybodys feedback on this matter. :D
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Gday,well this new date works for me.the previous weekend I get to take 25 kids to North Straddie, so a bit of R and R would be most welcome.The dams fish best early and late so we should still be able to beat the midday heat,I tend to accidently fall out when its really hot,cause your not allowed to swim , I think ? cheers Gary
Gday,just thought I should touch base and say Im still on for the Cressbrook bash.Once I get these 25 kids to Straddie and back next weekend Ill start to make definite plans about camping etc. first things first I guess.I fished Cooby Dam again 7am to 9am Sunday ,3 Yellas and 1 very nice Cod (70 cms ).I would have liked to stay longer but had to get home and earn Brownie Points for future weekends away.It also starts to get crowded when you catch a nice fish word spreads quickly and the tinnie brigade moves in ,is it just me or dont tinnie owners know about stealth and quiet and not spooking the fish.Chains and anchors being dragged across the metal bows and dropped onto boat metal floors,sounds like thunder on a still morning,radios blaring stubbies rattling around ,Ok I feel better now.Just had a thought, maybe if Cressbrook doesnt fish well we could give Cooby a hit Sunday for a couple of hours its proberbly only 20 to 30 minutes away,but then again that means packing everything up etc.Maybe anoyher time and make it a one dayer or something ?Anyway looking forward to catching up at Cressbrook Cheers Gary
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1 - 2 of 55 Posts
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