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Trolling Speed

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Hi Yakkers

When I went out on thw wwekend for the first time, I noticed when setting a moderate pace while trolling that mu lure/s were skipping along the top......was curious how others troll, nice slow pace etc? I seems kind of hard to gauge what speed i should be doing, I used spinners and a stumpjumper that should have gone to 2.5 meters.....
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Welcome Bombora and congratulations on the yak.

Your home made lures sound really interesting. Have they produced results? I would love to see some step by step photos as to how you are making them. Whadda reckon?

Damn nice offer Bombora. If there is enough to go around I will photograph one and add it to this post. Making your own lures sounds like a great idea especially if they work! :)
1 - 2 of 30 Posts
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