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trolling round the headlands

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I have finally got around to buying a kayak and have bought a Viking Nemo 2+1. Am heading to Caloundra for Christmas. One of my aims when buying the kayak was go trolling around the headlands at the northern end of Kings beach with my brother. I have never done this before so have a few questions:
1. What lures would you suggest for this type of venture
2. What are the absolute necessities to take on the kayak with me.
3. Is this location one where you think I may have a chance of catching something
4. Any orther tips or advice.
Cheers :D
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Another good launching point in that area is Pt Cartright near Mooloolaba. You can launch in the river at Pt Cartright (there's a boat ramp) or in the very sheltered water at the spit at Mooloolaba and then head out around the Point - this removes the beach launch/landings and still gets you out fishing a headland.

Any large trolling lure should work - Rapala CD9, X-Rap magnums (may struggle to get these beasts up to speed), i'm going to try a lively lures 7" Mack Bait over the holidays, you could pick some of those up locally as I believe they are made in Caloundra. I'd have one rod loaded with a lure of this type and a smaller spin outfit loaded with a small metal slice for the schools of tuna that can be found at that time of the year.
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