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Trolleys and Carts. I love `em.

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What do brickys do when it`s too wet to lay bricks? Bang up a new cart and rejig the anchor trolley of course.
Have to admit to feeling a bit scupperphobic sometimes when I have to drag my kayak on scupper cart up enbankments at one of my favorite launches. How much pressure transfers to the scuppers and how much can they take?
Decided to knock up a new design and think I got it right first time. Wide wheelbase for stability, and low centre of gravity. Abitity to Break down into easily stowable pieces, and no tools in the assembly. Also did I mention cheap!

The trolley I had was ok, just a little hard to operate in rough weather due to having to reach back to adjust. Ran the forward mounting point further forward up to unused paddle keeper. Removed retaining screw from keeper and replaced with eye bolt for ss pulley. In all no holes had to be drilled to install entire trolley.Used existing mount points front and back. Also modified anchor to become recoverable after snagging in reef. Steve.


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A few more photo`s


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I like it kingfisher..........Where did you get the tubing from?
And how much did it cost for the cart?
Hi Rik, the tube I used is 40mm. Got it from the local plumbers supplies. All up the pipe and fittings cost $33, a new axle $4 solid pool noodle $3 just bored it out to fit the pvc. The wheels I had already pinched off my Bunnings trolley when I made a scupper cart, so free. All up $40, nice and strong. The support arms just screw off the lower bit. Steve.
How stupid am I i got your pm. so i come to see your post and ive already been here but not noticed the vee cleat :oops: .
I wanted to ask you mate did you just screw the cleat strigh in or did you blot it in?

No worries Rik. The plastic in the hull there is pretty thick so I just screwed the Vee cleat on and siliconed the holes and under the cleat to waterproof. Worked a treat and the cleat is brilliant. Steve.
thanks Mate i think im going to do the same thing. Using that cleat makes a lot of sence.

Thanks Rik
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