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Transporting My Kayak

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hey guys...

since im new to kayaking... i was just wondering how everyone transports their kayaks... are there special trailers used to transport yaks?? i was just thinking of using some roof racks on the car is this alright??? if there are other ways please let me know so i have some options... also could somone name a price on a yak trailer for me please???

cheers, troy
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I just use racks on the roof and load it with a side loading bar, this link shows both http://tinyurl.com/hos9f

Being new to the sport if you have a good look in the Do it Yourself, and Rigged Kayaks sections of the forum, the ideas of many akffers will be seen and answer many questions
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wow! this site is great! :p all questions answered in a matter for mins :p yeh roof racks look like the way to go then?? thanks dodge, will have a look at the diy section now...

the yak only weighs 26kgs and i have handled one of similar weight at anaconda and it doesnt seem like much hassle... though the trolley looks handy to save me having to carry the yak down then all the gear... i could just put everything in then tow it down...

thanks for the help guys

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