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Transducer type

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I'm a total numb nut when to it comes to all things electronic. I'm starting to think seriously about buying a fish finder for my yak, and more than likely I'll go with the Garmin FF120. But apparently there are differences between in hull and external transducers - and both commercial boat shops I've spoken to have recommended against in hull installation. So I'm more confused than ever. My question therefore is for those that have successful sounder installations - have you used the standard transducer that comes with the sounder, or have you upgraded to the in hull type? thanks for any and all advice given
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Standard transducer, glued in hull
Hi I have a CUDA 128 with a standard transducer mounted inside the hull in sikaflex, shoots through the hull no problems. I found these spots helpful http://www.kayakfishinggear.com/fishfinder.htm and http://www.lowrance.com/Tutorials/Sonar ... ial_01.asp as well as sticky links here. Installation was pretty easy and I am no handyman.
Thanks - seems I don't need an in hull transducer to go in the hull! Those links are VERY useful
One more question.......Does it matter how far apart from each other the transducer and the battery must be? ie will the battery cause interference if they are installed close to each other? thanks
I`ve got a Navman Fisher with just the standard transducer. Just stuck it inside the hull with a giant blob of silicone. Works a treat. I`m sure the sales peoples recommendations are not meant to confuse, they are just quoting along the standard install lines. Generally they don`t have the experience of kayaks like us guys and lets face it; our install techniques do sound a little odd! Steve. ps no worries how close to transducer with battery IMO just think of the fields created by outboards ignition and charging circuits etc. Generally all sitting right by transducer.
Fisher: I have an Eagle Cuda 250 s/map (FF/GPS) and the direction book clearly shows a thru the hul installation using the transducer that came with it. The unit is over in WA 2b installed on my yak b4 they send it over. HOPEFULLY next week.
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