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I haven't had problems thus far but......, I am wondering about my transducer which has permanently been installed inside my yak with Sikaflex.

How do you all keep the connector plug (at the end of the transducer cable) free of water etc, once you have completed your fishing and unplugged it from the sounder? Because my cable stays inside the yak, all I have done is make sure it is dry and place a plastic bag over it and finished off with a rubber band.

It then stays this way until next time I plug in sounder and push cable up through drilled hole to connect it.

I would rather eliminate any risk of salt water etc getting inside connector
with sound advise if there is a better way???

BTW- my sounder is a Humminbird Matrix 17.


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Just got back in Brissie today.
I also have the Matrix 17 and I leave my cable connected to the base, just removing the sounder itself when finished.
I wash the base (and connectors) with fresh water, and then spray with stuff (RP7, WD40, etc).
So Im wondering how you mount your sounder if you are not using the swivelling base thingy?
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