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Torrens Island 18 Nov

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Following the exciting trip Waterbaby, Yakabe and JW had to Torrens Island a week or two ago, Scupper and I thought we'd have a look in this area to get some fish into the yaks. Unfortunately no-one told the fish and despite drifting and trolling through the creek area for 3-4hours we only managed to land maybe half a dozen bream between us, all in the 28-30cm range. But, there were literally thousands (okay then, hundreds :) )of bream in this creek - they were swarming through the shallow water and deep holes in large schools. I don't know if it was the state of the tide, the yaks startling the fish or they were just in travel mode, but we really did struggle to get a hit. Having said that, the few that we did tangle with really fought out of their category - we thought these 30cm fish were going to be 40cm fish and were really surprised when we got the fish on board. Unfortunately no pics because I had the camera set on movie mode and I have no idea how to grab a 'still' out of the movie - plus the pics are not exciting enough for me to persevere! anway, its an area that is sure to produce - next time we'll try it on a rising tide to see if that gets them in the mood.
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The fish in those creeks are amazing in thier numbers. We could not believe the numbers ourselves. There are some crackers about also. Patience is the key. It will take a little bit of figuring out, but the rewards will be worth the effort.

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