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This has got to get us Melbournians excited???

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A bit of chatter amongst the divers around the entrance of Port Phillip bay :D :D :D

"I heard of some divers in the heads seeing massive schools of Snapper entering the bay last week. Rumour has it that two schools of Huge proportions were seen during the one dive. Get ready!" :shock: :shock: :shock:

Maybe there on the tail of the mass of bait schools presently in the bay? Not long to go now :p

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It could be said Kevin is a scupper plug short of a full set....no quite literally as I've still got one that belongs to ya in my centre hatch :wink: :D I've got every bit of faith in ya to hook up a 7kg Barry Bump this year, last season just being a warm up up for ya with some great hauls. Any interest in an early season trip down to work alongside the south channel? On the light side, have ya got a link for me to have a butchers at as I need to address yak lighting as well. You've got the drool and high hopes started Milt :D
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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