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The voices

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Hi all,

All these wondeful kayaks, are starting to get to me.... I have given serious thought about getting a hobie. I can see there is a problem on the horizon, perhaps a fleet of kayaks is the answer. Perhaps we should work on getting a sort of co-op going, everyone takes out a different yak each trip... but hey.... isn't swapping the one you love immoral?...... Oh my God.... I feel so... so cheap. :twisted:

Cheers all Andybear :lol:
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Andybear, why would you need another hobie when you have one already? I thought your hobie was fishing from your kayak.

And what's this about a problem on the horizon, fleets of kayaks? You have watched too many wild western indian movies! They are all friendly, don't worry about them. If they paddle up beside you, simply greet them with a smile and a wave.

I think you are suffering from anxiety and there really is only one answer: more paddling, more kayaks, more fishing gear. . . . . Heck, that's three answers! Oh, well, counting was never my strong point.
It's only immoral if everyone throws their paddle into a blanket and ....... oh well I'm sure you know how the rest goes, if not ask someone who partied hard in the 70's. :roll:
I know how you feel mate.....The hobie just have something about then........there like the ring in lord of the rings..........MY pressssssssures :twisted: :twisted:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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