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Well, the new sail was rigged, the shark shield was stuffed down the front scupper hole, and I launched at about 10am just to check out the new gear. I thought it would be rude not to bring the rods, so trolled an SX40 and an SX48. I paddled downstream about 3k's then truned about and headed back up, hung a left under fig tree bridge and on up to Lane Cove National Park.

The Verdict:

The Shark Shield seemed to be working as intended, with the light pulsing every half second, and little shocks felt through the hand when placed close to the electrodes. And I didn't see any sharks :p . Of course, by that logic, the plants on my balcony are an effective tiger repellant! Happy that it's working as intended though.

The Pacific Action Sail is very easy to set and furl, but thats about all I found out. The wind gods didn't smile on me. Maybe Narrabeen Lakes would have been a better option but...

I doubt the fishing would have been as good at Narrabeen! 2 nice flathead, including one of the biggest I caught. Took some line off my light outfit (6lb line only), and had a couple of decent runs before netted and released. I'll post a picture later. The second flathead was a bit smaller, but still gave a good account of himself. Both were caught downstream at small drop-offs (yes the FF120 sounder is working fine too!), but then things went flat until I got back up above Figtree bridge. Caught a whiting of about 30 cms and no less than 6 chopper tailor!

What a great day! Hopefully I can get up to Lake Macquarie with the gang next week for a repeat performance and to see if the sail actually works! I'll post a couple of pics later.

See you on the water,
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