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The Rawprawn

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Fixed tha camera. The Rawprawn


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Nice yak Rawprawn. I imagine that you would be getting quite comfortable with the P13 by now.

I picked you to be a little older from your previous posts though.
Nice rig RP. Looks like you´re ready for anything
Yes Kevin you can see why I went with P13 and not the larger P15. Dont be fooled by my size I'm older than I look. :wink:
Gday rawprawn Nice setup. when work finaly slows down i wouldnt mind heading up your way for a fish :)
Cheers Benjamin
Nothing wrong with a bit of colour co-ordination. We 3 just have good taste thats all :)
Sorry rawprawn,

It was more the hat casting the shadow on your face that fooled me. I however recalled that you had two sons hence the question as to you looking younger than I had anticipated.

Now looking more closely at your photo I can see that you are getting as old and grizzled as many of us are.
:lol: :lol: . Yes the hat is to cover my bald spot Kev
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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