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Had another great morning on the Pine river today. When we got to Deepwater Bend it was looked very dull and the rain started pouring down. We sat in the car for 20 minutes waiting for it to clear. The showers started to abate so we decided to make a quick run up and back to our marks and see how we went.

Things started very quietly with only the occasional snag fish to break up our slow journey down steam. The rain had kept everyone away and we enjoyed a rare time of tranquility in the Pine.

Trolling my usual duo of both hard and soft plastics always seems to be worthwhile for me. After a while the hardbody rod bent over and I quickly pulled in a 40cm flathead which had dinner written all over it.

I kept moving and joined my partner where he had recently lost an 80cm flatty. I started another drift run with my lures out when a boat decided to anchor in within a radius of around 10m of us directly in our line of drift :? We were literally the only water craft as far as we could see and he decides to sit right in front of us :lol:

Everything was quiet once out stinky friend came on the scene so I moved back over to where I had caught the last fish. First cast out with the plastic and it got hit hard on the drop. A nice little fight and a 45cm model was on board. A knife to the head and he joined his friend in my bag.

Trolling along in the same area netted me another 42cm variety on the micro mullet which I sent back as an offering to the fish gods.

Meanwhile my mate had managed to pull in a healthy bream at around 27cm on some chicken breast.

Boats were starting to come through in larger numbers and the wind started getting up so we called it quits and headed back to base.

The flathead we filleted, rolled in some herb and garlic mix with some salt and pepper and a dash of seasame oil. Then shallow fried it in peanut oil. Served with home grown lemon and it tasted great for lunch.


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Good results for the Pine, and lucky with the weather to have few stinkers.

Are you coming to the safety day? viewtopic.php?f=9&t=61703
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