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The Osprey first walk

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Hi all.
Well I was like a cat on a hot tin roof today, the member for finance aproved my Kayak purchase from the legendary Hairymick. I went round after dropping the kids at school as you do when on holidays.
Yes Mick you where right it got wet today.
I droped home for the rod and some h/b lures. I was back at Toogoom by 12 noon I think the creek is called Beelbi Creek. I first went for a quick paddle. Awesome speed and such ease threw the water. I pulled up back at the beach and was back in the water with one rod and dragging a h/b cheepy behind.
I paddled up stream for about 2klm got a cramp so I pulled up for a strecth and a walk. Return to the water for a paddle against the tide back to the beach, within 2 mins of depature i was on. :eek: :D (See photo attached) I thought at fist I was snagedd then it run. I turned the yak as i lifted the little bream rod high in the air. I had to beach the yak and drop it into the live tank at the front(with a few litres of water). I hooked up twice more :eek: :lol: before the home time.An Estuary Cod about 30cm and another Flathead about 30+ cm but lost it at the yak along with the cheep lure. What a first paddle. If i wasn't hooked before i am NOW.
All my thanks go to Hairymick for showing me the light! 8) :lol:


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Congratulations on blooding the new beast crayman :D A great start too with that ripper flathead :wink:
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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