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terminal tackle for macks

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hey guys,

managed to pickup a rod and line for my offshore reel,
so im just about set to give it a crack, the only thing im not sure on having not fished for mackerel, cobia etc, is what terminal tackle is needed.

Can anyone tell me what i will need as far as this goes,
just thought i would take advantage of the amart fishing sale while its still on.
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mate i get most of my tackle from the marts
as said on here before they are not the most knowledgable staff when it comes to fishing.

maybe lures as well but mainly bait, pillies and livies
spooled1 said:
Didn't I send you a rather large PM about this exact topic a couple of days ago.


What more do you want?
Hey Dan,
Mate appreciate your pm, was great info.
I just like to get different opinions etc so i posted this thread to see what anyone else had success with.

had my first surf launch this morning,
hopefully we can catch up for a fish over summer, when i get a bit more ptractice etc.

cheers to everyone else for the tips etc,
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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