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I've been looking for the last few weeks to get out, explore some new areas and get a few fresh pictures for the website.

After many weekends of rain, wind and snow we finally had a beautiful winters day. 14 degree's, 9 knot winds and some sun and cloud. Although I only had a few hours spare I teamed up with Dale Baldwin from Adventure Tasmania and we spent an hour and a half cruising the waters behind Wrest Point Casino (Australia's oldest Casino) through dusk.

Took around a half hour to find the fish but finally got onto a nice little patch of Flathead, which were bought undone by the ever reliable Strike Tiger soft plastics. Dale was stoked to catch his first ever Tasmanian fish, however I did have to yell at him that he had a fish on as despite the rod bending almost into the water, he was casually paddling on unaware. I think he may be now hooked, as I did notice over the hour or so he went from just drifting with the rod in the holder, to actively working the plastic, feeling for bites.

All in all a great little short session, watching the sun set behind the casino. Although it was cold it certainly spurs you on to get out again.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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