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Well, after all the excuses under the sun, that spork fella finally took me for a swim!
We arrives at his local after about an hours drive and launched.
I swam past some pretty rocky shores.

Thinge were quiet. His "other" lure caught a blue throat wrasse. Personally, I wouldn't bother with such a rubbish fish.

Finally we got past the rocks and the reef dwellers to a stretch of sane and a river mouth. This looks more like it.

But his lack of skill meant all I caught was weed, which was floating everywhere. Just little 2-6" long bits.
He got sick of doing the gardening and headed out deeper.

At last, something took an interest in me!
I did an amazing job (of course) of catching the fish for him. Not only did I grab it with a trebble, I also wrapped it up in the leader to ensure capture.
I'd have preferred a bigger, better fish, but you can only work with thats available.

I swam all the way back past where we'd started to another river mouth.

Then I swam all the way back to where we'd begun.
Was good to get out and finally get wet. Shame about the (lack of) fish.
Anyway, I've been here long enough, off to sunnier (and hopefully fishier) parts next week.
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