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Tarpon tow?

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Caught this and another last week. Not sure what they were. Both about 1 m long. Caught them trolling a minnow. Talk about a great fight. This one l caught on a med sized egg beater (95cm). Had to hold him up quickly as didnt have much 30lb line. Did some big acrobats. :lol:

Caught and released his brother the next day. Best fish caught off my kayak to date (both in about 2m of water). This one towed me around for a full minute, we would have travellled a couple of hundred metres easy and at a good speed ( maybe 3 knots) :shock: :lol: . This time l had my trolling reel (with plenty of line), even had the rudder working to keep it out in front. Great stuff, in the process of towing me it would still kick out line and have me constantly tightening the drag. In the end l wanted it up close to get a good look, with about 10m line out on a tight drag, the fish then had me like l was ridding a bull, having me and the kayak doing some circle work.



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Top stuff Geejay. Would have been great fun.
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