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Tackle Retailer Reality

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My intention in posting this is as a little reality check for all of us out there buying our fishing tackle from mail orders, ebay and mulitnational chains. I'm sticking up for the small local tackle retailers because no one ever does and I used to be just like these guys so I know what I'm talking about. This isnt a sooky la la piece, feel sorry for me. Just a heads up and an attemp to even the score for guys who often have to remain silent.

Retailers are not your enemy, trying to rip you off and squeeze every cent from you in order to fuel their new Porches. In nearly all cases these guys are trying to earn honest livings by running reutable businesses. They are fighting big chain stores tying to kill them off and 7 day a week trading that kills their family lives. Here are a few busted myths and realities you mat not be privy too.

Lures are not purchased for $5 wholesale by reatailers and sold for $18.95 to customers. No one makes margins like that and anyone who suggests it is talking through their back end. Very few retailers make the fat profits most people sterotype them with. More loose money rather than flourish, the average guy owns his own job and prehaps makes as much as you and I.

Small retailers are the biggest conduit of innovative advice and product. These guys are only too willing to help you find and catch more fish. They often make or break the success of a new manufacturer, paving the way of its success only too see it on the shelves of Zmart a year or two later undercutting their business and the goodwill they built for it.

Anyone one can be a retailer. This ensures that competition for profit is extemely fierce and only the fittest survive. Very few get fat in this paddock.

Large retailers have the little guys targeted for extermination.

Most are kept up at night worrying about the satisfaction of their latest customer that had a small problem the other day.

The range at my local bulk stores is crap and the product knowlege of the staff is crap. I accept a slighly higher price for better gear and advice resulting in more fish. If I save a few bucks on a lure at Zmart that my local retailer advised me on then I am crapping on his goodwill and risk damaging a valuble local resource.

I get discount at nearly every local trader I frequent and dont need to haggle for price because they know I support them and refer for them.

In my experience, price discounting didnt improve my business and make me more competetive. It only attracted disloyal customers.

Customers are often uneasy about trusting a retailer and watch closly that they dont get taken advantage of. Absolutly fair enough........Anyone ever considered how often that shop owner has stuff stolen from him every week.

The small guy treats his staff like family and will often loose money rather than sack them. If you arent turning over enough money to pay your staff then you have to remorgatge you home to do it.

I often hear and read about people that are unsatisfied with todays customer service and staff knowlege at retail stores. Everytime you buy from a casual, minimum wage employee at a large chain you fuel the fire and stamp out professionalism.

Its been a couple years now since I owned traditional shop fronts but my passion burns for the good guys still slugging it out. My local tackle store is awesome!!!!! Keep up the good work!!!!!!


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chatted to the owner of a shop here in brissy who is part of the tackleworld chain which is made up of some good independent stores who have banded together to get the buying power of places like amart allsports etc.beauty of it is you deal with guys who go fishing and know the ins and outs of the gear and not just someone whos being employed to sell sports equipment.
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