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Tackle/lure storage

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Just wondered what you blokes use for storing your lures, plastics etc. in while fishing. I've been using a Plano bum bag thing. But find it gets in the way with my pfd. Guess I take to much stuff with me anyway. Used to having everything in the tinnie.
Thanks JD
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I use a small utility box about 10cm x 10cm and double sided, a steal at only $2!!! I store hooks, jig heads, swivels and sinkers in it. Al my rigs are pre-tied before the trip and tied around pieces of spongy polystyrene material. I normally take out 2-3 paternoster type of rigs and a couple of whitng rigs when fishing with bait. I'm not a fan of tieing rigs in the yak especially when the fishing are bitting and going mad. A quick change of rig and yor in business again. My lures I keep in a small transparent plastic pencil case. All the gear i take along fits in my centre hatch most days.

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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