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Swing scupper cart....Mk 2

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After playing with the original scupper doctored SuperCheap trolley decided to update to a lighter version from lessons learned on Monstrosity 1

Bought a couple of lengths of 13mm box section aluminium for uprights, with plastic tube to cover and protect in scuppers..cross members are 50mm x 25mm angle alum... and a handful of 25mm x 4mm metal thread bolts....outlay $10

Bolted together as shown in the pic, and attached the SuperCheap trolley axle and wheels...this was an improvement, but the wheel assembly still made a bit heavy.

After lunch found an old set of golf buggy wheels under the bench, and replaced the pumped up tyre wheels to make a much lighter version.

This is not a fold up model but thats not needed for my use, the axle could be raised 90mm closer to the swing, but I prefer the extra ground clearance for the yak and the wide wheelbase is nice and stable. .... [note changed my views in final version]

The bottom three pics are related to this original topic, while the top pic is the final version

EDIT in 2011 ......Final modification done in 2007 and still OK in 2011 and has covered some really rough launch sites at times and not the slightest sign of damage at the scuppers .... the frame was altered to only one cross bar, and this lowered the centre of gravity even more, and some green paint was daubed all over to make rough camouflage as I only throw the cart in the bush while on the water and rarely take it on the yak, if I do it is carried 'Hobie' style upside down in the rear well


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Also with the wheels closer to the hull it lowers the center of gravity also, less chance of tipping.
She looks pretty solid to me Bob, hope it does the job as well as you hoped. ;)
Agree with the cart benefit totally wish I had done it from the outset.
The building is part of my pleasure thats why its a bolted job, and Gilbo/headman would have alum welded for me with no problems what so ever.
About the leverage issue, my thoughts are the shaft length would only play a part if the wheels stopped turning and then of course the leverage would be greater on the scuppers.

You are right re the balance and thats why I packed axle wider with alum tube to spread the wheelbase, and I had the swing sideways [fully loaded] on a 45 degree grass slope.
I'm opting for clearance so I can access over small rocks and gravel around dam edges and similar, and the present height is as the old S/Cheap trolley
If I'm wrong it is easy to rebolt the angle axle carrier higher up the box section

Looks ugly but its light and strong :wink:
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Nice work Richo! clever use of the drainage holes in the yak there!
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