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Swell reports

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Me and fishy are thinking of heading to noosa on sunday to do some trollingf in the gutters and i little offshore work. I was looking at the Weather and swell repost.
They say
Swell is at 1 1/2 Feet
weather is 27....wind 7kh NE

Is that good for fishing in the sea? I not got a clue this is going to be are first time fishing in the sea..........im stoked and a little scared of the unknown.
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Ric, all the best with ya first sea voyage. Since I am a woosy sort of nervous dude, I always take it careful when going into unknown conditions. With most sea trips, I pick a quiet place to launch. It is normally quite calm and as I paddle out, I can make sure my gear is secured and leashed. Then as I head out further, the waves get bigger and I try and get an idea of how my yak is doing. Especially when I was really new with my yak on waves, I practiced in the half bigger waves, just to get an idea of how my yak was handling. I practiced going out a bit then turning and coming in. If I felt the waves were too big for me to turn around comfortably, or too big that if I got a fish on I would be in danger when I let the paddle go to reel it in, then I just stuck to the quiet water. It is easy enough just to go out over waves, but be sure you are comfortable doing some manouvers. I am amazed at just how stable my yak is and how much my skills have grown. It is ripper good fun.

I have babbled on here, but what I am saying is that it is normal to have some anxiety and it is fine to build your skills at your own pace. No sense being a dead hero. But ya do have ta get out there and experience it to build up ya skills, so have an awesome time. I think you will be surprised at what you and ya yak can do.
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Dodge said:
Sunhobie said:
. All the landmarks changed from one season to the next :!:
Yes mate learn't that the hard way.

Had a tiny hot snapper reef, and used a conspicuous mauve tree as one of my marks, and being younger and not into gardening didn't have the nous to realize I was using a jacaranda tree in flower... had to wait another year to relocate the reef after the flowers dropped, and changed my back mark to something solid when it bloomed the following year :wink:
No doubt about it, Dodge. You are one cunning and patient fisherman!
I couldn't get it to work, then I checked a few things and found I need Google Earth 4, 13 Sep 06 release. Will upgrade later as I have version 3.

Seems like it could be useful. Good work Redphoenix.
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