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Sunshine Coast - Tuesday 4th December

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I'll be on the Sunshine Coast for a few days early December and at the moment I have a spare day on Tuesday 4th December.

Any Sunshine Coasters around that are keen for a yakfish on that day and may have a spare yak available?

If so I'd love to meet up and get a bit of local guiding....

If not, does anyone know where I can hire yaks from??

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Would love to be able to take the day off and show you around: But no chance of that I'm afriad.

If you are keen on the Maroochy river you can hire basic Yaks from this mob.


It's all of 100 meters to where I caught the flaty and whiting on Monday morning.
It's quite a nice paddle from Chambers island out to the mouth and back. The staples (flaties and bream) are around but also the chance for trevally, whiting, cod, etc

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