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Sunday Report in San Diego 8-6-06

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Getting up at 3:30am is not fun... unless you are going fishing! Lots of mixed swell, and onshore wind, made for wet launch conditions. Hit the pier, met up with 20 other yaks at 4:30ish, who had already been there for a while. Bait was scarce for me, others had better luck. Started to troll our baits... Heard Tyler report first fish on deck.

I was about to head in due to lack of sleep, and seemingly bad conditions, when I decided to make one more loop. Both my reels go ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!! Missed one, but got the other, on my old school Saber noodle glass rod rated for 10-25, lots of FUN!!! I yelled "where's my camera girl" FishinTrish got some good video.

Here is the video...


(if you look at the water near my bow, when I pull out the kelp, you can see the YT color!)

the pic...

Ran into one of the surfboard fishing contestants. He had a yellowtail on deck.

Heard of sporatic hook ups over the radio. Conditions and fishing were not as good as yesterday, but I was stoked!

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Nice fish boys
Great footage Chris & Trish.

That black T160i looks real nice.

What gear are you using there? I noticed in the background, what looks like a 330GTI overhead - I have one too, but thought it might be too cumbersome. The one you're using looks nice and compact.
Thanks! I was stoked on the fight/gaff footage. The T-160i is actually an Army green color, but does look black in the photo.

We use big gear for strong, and sometimes big inshore fish. If you look in my photo on my bait tank that is an ABU 6500 #20 line just to use as bait making. My other reels are Daiwa sealine SHV 30 for casting the Iron, SHV 40 for Bait, SHV 50 for heavy Iron, and Bait. Most rods are 7 ft rated for 30-50 lb line. For the kingfish in the video, I was using Penn Jigmaster 500 with #50 spectra to fluoro leader 2/0 ringed hook pinned to a 9 inch mackerel. That rod was a little sabre glass rod that was whippy, and like a noodle. It was awesome for a 12 lb fish, but anything over 20 lbs, I might have been in trouble if the fish found structure. That is why we use stiffer heavy action rods to get these fish up. As you can see in the video, I ran into some kelp. The other guy in the picture moved on to Lever drags, I have a couple, but am not very fond of them. Daiwa Sealines IMHO are the best bang for your buck for SOCAL West Coast fishing.

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