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Stuck in the Philippines and battering down the hatches.

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I'm currently on a biz trip in Manila, Philippines. I was hoping to get back for some fishing trips by the weekend but much to my dismay, that looks unlikely. There's a gargantuan typhoon heading in, right on the day of my departure flight. I'm told flooding here is extraordinary. If only I had myself a kayak, I'd be able to tour the place by paddling. Sadly, the only thing I'd be likely to catch is lung disease due to polution.

I travel to these developing countries all the time and each and every time I do, I'm reminded of how lucky we are in Australia, where air is breathable and police don't walk around with pistol grip shotguns. Spare a thought for me, because last time I caught in a typhoon (Taipei) I came very close to having a tree fall on my head.

So I'll be absent from any mango trips this weekend but with any luck, will be back around next week. First stop, PPB, rain, hail, shine or meteor showers! The kayak fishing addiction is impossible to break. I'm missing the yak almost as much as my family!

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mate, if you do get sucked up then just click your heels together and think of kansas..... better still think of the whitsundays!

I got stuck in a cyclone in guam several years ago - we actually flew in during the start of the storm and it was the scariest thing I've ever experienced. we were stuck in the hotel (at least it was the hilton) for a week with no power and couldn't get out. however we did have a great view of the ocean with 4-5 metre waves smashing the coast and palm fronds flying through the air at 100mph.

luckily we' managed to hit the local supermarket and stocked up on beer and food, so we sat inside eating and drinking for a week - not much of a diving holiday!

good luck,hope you stay safe.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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