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Strom Bay Flat chaps

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Hi Guys had some mates coming over for a feed n beers tonight and when I asked what they wanted to eat they said fish (the bastards). It was blowing 20-25 knots but I figured I could pull a feed of flatchaps in close from the bay. I launched via the neck beach and paddled out with the wind to aprox 30 metres. My large sea anchor slowed my drift nicely and I commenced drop shotting using a 3 inch standard Berkley Bass Minnow. The flatchaps were thick but mostly small.

I kept 15 between the high 30 to middle 40 mark and released around 3 times this number all from around the 20- low 30 mark. I decided that I had enough so I started paddling back to shore against the wind which was now up around the 30 knot mark. At length I got back to the beach. The strong winds had flattened the break so I had an easy run to shore which didn't result in being wiped out. Snapped a quick pic on my jumbo fish cleaning table which I will include below.

Catch ya Scott


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Dave, I don't actually use a sinker for a weight. What I use is a 57 gram 6 inch Storm Wild Eye Swim Bait in red head with the Shad tail. As I am only using 10 pound spectra braid through the 1500C Abu overhead I have no problems holding bottom when used in conjunction with the sea anchor.

If there are only smaller flatchaps around the big SP acts as a teaser as it kicks up the sand and the smaller fish nail the 3 inch bass minnow swimming around 3/4 of a metre above the big SP. Any big flatchaps nail the big SP so I have an each way bet. These SPs totally rock and scored me heaps of kings, jews and tuna when i was NSW boy.

Catch ya Scott
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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