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Straight question

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Is there a glossary?
How about an online guide you folks use for local fish ID?
I use FishBase, but I couldn't tell you what bream you're catching.
Acanthopagrus australis?
I enjoy the reads here. The technique and enthusiasm is the same, but the names of places and fish is so different. I just wish I could hurdle the language barrier. Ha.

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Hi Zed,

Good point mate, but what makes things even harder for our cousince from accross the drain, not only do we have different regional names for the same species, Aussies will often refer to a particular species by its regional slang name.

An example is here,
The Australian Luderick. Girella tricuspidata
http://www.amonline.net.au/fishes/fishf ... ricusp.htm
Also variously known as blackfish, black bream and even ****** in some places.

Mate Perils link will help you put a face to a name, so to speak, but if you're not sure what we are on about, please ask.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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