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Well 4 weeks overdue but my Australian made crate mate will finally be ready to be picked up tomorrow. The design will no doubt need some refining, manufactured from rubberised canvas it fits over a standard crate has a zipper around the top as well as two heavy duty buckles, there are two rod holders at the back (so I can carry five rods on the kayak now I dont know why but I thought I should have extra rod storage), I have had 4 tie down buckles put on the sides which you can attach a handle too for carrying as well as securing the crate to the grab line. The interior is currently one large space as I thought I could use it for storing my catch as well as tackle etc. I had the top section insulated with 16mm EVA foam so I can keep things cool inside as this was one of my main concerns while fishing for a long time. There is also a drain hole on the base of the bag to allow water etc out.
I was also having made a bag for the front but with the sounder and a rod holder up there as well as access to below deck storage it would've been difficult to get anything out so I canned that onePictures will be up tomorrow unless this wind drops and I'll be fishing so then it will be friday

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Looking forward to the piccies :lol:

Cheers Andybear :lol:
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