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Stolen Car, Yak, rods, Go Pros - Coffs Recovered

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On my way to going Bassing this morning 4:45am I had my car stolen from Boambee East just south of Coffs Harbour.

The car was a white 2001 Toyota Corolla Hatch back (BGS 26G) and it had a brown/camo coloured viking espri on the roof racks (with blue tie downs) and a bunch of tackle inside (shimano sustain / Samaki Allure and Curado / Pen pin point combos) and 2 go Pro cameras.

If by any remote chance some one sees it please PM me or give Coffs Harbour police a call on (02) 6691 0799

I'll post a few pics of what the yak looks like shortly.

Here is what the yak looks like


ESPRI 2.jpg




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There certainly are some dead set fkn assholes in this world This absolutely sucks and I hope you
somehow get your stuff back, good luck in the search
great result lets hope the cops find something to lead them to the culprits
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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