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Just a general question.

Who of us here have a stinkboat?

I'm wondering as I own one, however I am keen to get into yaking as I can see I can access skinnier water to fish.

Whats the reasons why or why not?

I am keen to see who has both and how they balance the two different types of fishing?

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i fished from a boat for more than 15 years in the port melbourne and the corio bay area down here for snapper during winter.
There would be no way that i would do this in a yak as it would be too dangerous and cold at 1am in the morning and at times in 20 knot winds, not too mention the baot traffic in those areas(biigggg boats).

But having said that i also spent the same 15 years targeting big flathead around the Point Cook area as well. I would drift into areas of about 3 ft depth at times in the 15 footer so for me depth was not a worry.

Even in fresh water i would get into the shallowest water i could at times by riding the boats wake over the submerged bank or obstacle.

Yak fishing is simple and you are at the level of the prey almost, at one with nature :shock: ,well almost.

It's just good :D
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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